Founder of The Center for Holistic Wellness
JEDIDIAH D. SMITH, Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP), Ph.D.

I grew up under the guidance of a Native American mother who had been taught reflexology from a very long lineage of such practitioners.  My father, who was an Herbalist well before I was born, had a thirst for natural ways of healing and eating.  I was destined to have a passion for Holistic Wellness and Health.   

I have came to learn and believe that if a person is to truly heal they must also address that component which we call their spirituality, as well as learn to nourish their body and mind.  

My journey has allowed me to discover talents within myself as well as learn techniques to enhance the experience of the patients referred to me and my clients.  

I feel truly blessed to be able to facilitate the Holistic Wellness Goals of all who seek my services and the services of the The Center for Holistic Wellness.

Theocratic Ministerial College (1977 – 1983)       Ministerial Counselor
New York, N.Y.

American Institute of Hypnotherapy (1991 – 1997)      Ph.D.
Irvine, CA

International Institute of Reflexology (1981 – Present)     Certified Reflexologist
St. Petersburg, FL

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health (1989 – Present)      Certified Clinical                                                                                                        Hypnotherapist
Dayton, Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, inc.      Certified Clinical Holistic   Health Practitioner/                     Consultant, Traditional                                                                                                         Naturopath

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy   Certified Hypnotherapist
Detroit, MI

National Board of Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Certified Hypno-Anesthesia Therapist           Anesthesiology, Glendate AZ                                                                     

Tad James Co. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, inc.   Master  N.L.P.

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, inc. Certified Sports Hypnotherapist 

Healthy Living (1996 – 2002) Co-Host
Cable Access Television Program 

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health (1994 – 2003)
Dayton, OH      CEO/Executive         Director/Co-Instructor of         following Program:                    Massage Practitioner,                Clinical Reflexology,                  Clinical Hypnotherapy,              NLP, Non-Directive               Imagery, Eriksonian Hypnosis

The Ohio Wellness Center (1983 – Present) Founder/Private Practice
Beavercreek, OH (Consortium of Medical & 
Holistic Practitioners) aka The Center, in Ohio & Maryland 

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy       Board of Directors /  Association – Detroit, MI (1983 – 2002) Holistic Health

National Board of Hypnotherapy    Board of Directors/ 
Glendale, AZ     (1992 – 2002) Holistic Health


1994 - Honorary Service Award - International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association 

Holistic Health Association of Ohio - Past President
Association of Ohio Hypnotherapists, Inc.  -  Past President
National Board of Reflexology - Past Executive Director 
International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association – Past Director of Holistic Health
National Board of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology - Past Director of Membership Services

Mr. Smith has presented various programs at Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health Conferences internationally, which include the following:

American Board of Hypnotherapy – ’93, ’94,’96, ’99, Irvine CA
National Board of Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Anesthesia –’ 96, ’97, ’98, Phoenix, AZ
National Guild of Hypnotists, Nashua, NH
International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association - ’92, ’93, Detroit, MI
North Coast Hypnosis Society, Sandusky, OH 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Holistic Health Conference- ‘99Dayton, OH
Holistic Health Seminar at Sea - ’97, Eastern Caribbean Islands
Universal Life Expo - ’96, ‘97, Columbus, OH
Midwest Chiropractic Association – ‘97 Cincinnati, OH
Pathways to Healing, Franciscan Hospital System -’97Dayton, OH
Holistic Health Seminar Series, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, OH
Ohio Holistic Health Expo -’97 & ’98, Dayton, OH in association with Guest Speakers Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bernie Siegel
National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy – ‘98 Virginia Beach, VA
Mercy Hospital HealthPlex  – ’98, 99, Cincinnati, OH
Miami Valley Hospital, Division of Social Workers - ’98, Dayton, OH
Mercy Hospital Cancer Support Community - ‘99, Columbus, OH
St. Elizabeth Diabetics Association – ‘99, Dayton, OH
Midwest Chiropractic Association – ‘2000, Centerville, OH
Wright State University, Medical Division 3rd Year Medical Students - 2001-3, Dayton, OH
Wright Pat Air force Base - 2003, Fairborn, OH
Springfield Welfare State Division - 2004, Springfield, OH
Wilson Hospital – 2007, Occupational Therapists
Annual Convention of the Ohio Occupational Nurses Association - 2008
University of Maryland - Presentation for Mecca's Place: Holistic Health for Minority                                                 Women of Baltimore - 2010
University of Baltimore's Criminal & Justice Department:
Reducing Stress Holistically - 2016 - 2020

Maryland Women of Color 14 Annual Conference at Bowie State University / The Science of Wellness - 11/2019

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Non-Directive Guided Imagery
Dual Inductions:  An Ericksonian Approach 
Healing Relationships with Hypnotherapy 
Reflexology:  A Holistic Complimentary Approach
Holistic Nutrition
Stress Management:  Holistic Approaches 
Conflict Resolution 
Antioxidants:  The Key to Wellness and Prevention
Antioxidants:  The Science of Wellness
The Science Behind the Mind Body Medicine
The Look of Integrative Medicine
The Integration of Complimentary Medicine in the Allopathic Practice
Massage:  The Practice of Wellness
Preventative Nutrition
Mind-Body Medicine: It’s Role in Today’s Wellness
Emotions: How They Affect Our Health
The Power of Thoughts
How Emotions Become Your Biology
​Reducing Stress Holistically
The Tools of Self-care that Reduce Stress and Promote Wellness
Tools of Self Care for Mental Health Professionals/
   Tools for Victims of Abuse
The Art of Well Being
The Science of Well Being
The Science of Well Being - Keys to Healing Trauma in Children & Adults

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Calming the Body and Mind, Renewing the Spirit